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Better Golfing Results Through Self Golf Hypnosis

“Developing a consistent routine through self hypnosis increases your mental focus during each golf shot.”

Golf Mental Strategies Helps You Get Better Golfing Results Through Hypnosis

Using Golf Mental Strategies is the only change i made to better my golf putting and golf driving, as well as, improve my golf swing, which all results in increased Golf Game Performance and helping me shoot lower Golf scores.

“Try self hypnosis to enhance your golf mental focus TODAY, for you have nothing to lose … but strokes off your Golf Game.”


When you’re “in the zone,” everything just feels right, the mind and body work together seamlessly, and you operate at peak performance without even thinking about what you’re doing.

Most average golfers assume that getting “in the zone” is an occasion happy accident. Yet many professional golfers and other athletes train themselves to access that performance state by developing a routine with tools like hypnosis and visualization.

Golf Mental Strategies is a simple hypnosis training program for golfers. Use it on your own to improve your golf game by developing a more consistent routine, boosting focus and confidence, eliminating internal and external distractions, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, and enhancing visualization of successful swings.

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  • Improve your golf score with techniques the pros use
  • Master mental aspects of the game—not just the mechanics
  • Become more relaxed, focused, & confident on the course
  • Develop a consistent, positive mental strategy for play
  • Break through performance plateaus when nothing else helps
  • Reignite your passion for the sport & be a happier golfer
  • A simple, pleasant 45-minute digital MP3 recording


Available in male & female voices

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Golf Hypnosis MP3 Recordings For Sale - Get Better Golfing Results Through Self Hypnosis

Your golf bag is full of clubs—important tools for the game.

But what’s in your head? Stress and anxiety? Doubt? Personal issues?

Negativity? Other distractions?

These don’t help your game. But replacing them with calmness, concentration, confidence, clarity, positivity, and other crucial mental tools will enable you to conquer the course.

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Rory McIlroy, the 2019 PGA TOUR Player of the Year, called it the greatest season of his PGA TOUR career. McIlroy won the TOUR Championship and FedEx Cup along with THE PLAYERS Championship and the RBC Canadian Open. He finished in the top-10 in 75% of his starts and had a career-high 14 Top-10’s.

McIlroy attributed this success to his attitude and consistency and his decision to focus more on the mental side of the game.

Golf is much more than the physical aspects of the game. Sure, you have to understand and continually practice the mechanics of your swing – drives, irons, approach shots – and putting.

But to keep pushing through to the next levels, you also need the focus, consistency, self-assurance, and visualization to make the mechanics work optimally for you.

That’s where hypnosis and Golf Mental Strategies can take your game to the next level.


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McIlroy focused more on the mental side of his golf game



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