About Golf Mental Strategies

A unique series of audio recordings to improve your score.

Golf Mental Strategies is a SERIES OF 45-minute MP3 recordingS available in male and female voices. It uses expert hypnosis techniques to improve how you play golf and increase your enjoyment of the sport. 

Enter a state of deep relaxation by background music and binaural tones and beats, allowing the spoken material to access your subconscious mind and change your habits for the better. The recording imparts strategic positive messages to enhance your mental game, encouraging development of a consistent routine with focus, clarity, confidence, and successful visualization.  

Suggested use is once per day for 30 days, and then at least once per week after that. The benefits will become automatic with every single swing. To get maximum benefit use twice a day – first thing in the morning and right before going to bed.

Howard Rosner

Howard Rosner has been a competitive golfer for 44 years. For the past 10, he’s played on the Golf Channel AmTour and has won five regular tour tournaments and one Tour of Champions tournament. 

He took lessons from Bobby Capobianco (“Bobby C.”), head pro at Silver Dollar Golf Club in Odessa, Florida. Twenty years ago, Rosner went to Bobby C. with an 18 handicap. Bobby evaluated his setup and swing and suggested Rosner simply start over. 

Every year, Bobby C. gave Rosner one part of the swing to work on for the year. This went on for 10 years, and each year he taught Rosner a different part of the swing. During his tenth year, Rosner learned the final part of the swing. At this point, he dropped to a single-digit handicap, and now at 71 years old, he’s a 9 handicap player. 

Rosner realized 10 years ago he was missing a critical part of the game. He hit the ball well, but felt he’d peaked. Yet he knew there was another element to the game he needed to develop to go lower; his focus, concentration, and routine weren’t consistent. He needed to learn the mental part of the game.  

So, the journey began. Rosner researched how the mind works and mental strategy for golf. He came across Dr. GioValiante’s DVDFearless Golf: Conquering the Mental Game. It changed how Rosner would approach mastering the mental part of the game. He understood how important a consistent routine is, and what he needed to do to develop one. 

Next, Rosner began to question how to concentrate better. He began using hypnotherapy to improve his game—especially his focus and ability to remain consistent with his routine. Rosner approached his hypnotherapist friends, to explore hypnotherapy to achieve his objectives and to develop hypnotherapy recordings to help others to improve their game.

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