Golf Mental Strategies Golf Hypnosis Recordings For Sale
 Hypnosis is being open to suggestion... Golf Hypnosis Improves Your Mental Game!

Hypnosis is being open to suggestion ... Golf Hypnosis Improves Your Mental Game!


Learn About And Understand How Using Hypnosis Improve Your Mental Golf Game!

Hypnosis is being open to suggestion. The process is easy, through deep relaxation the subconscious mind can be accessed and basically reprogrammed with new positive suggestions. The mind is 95% subconscious and 5% conscious, Through relaxation, you are taken below the level of consciousness. When you are deeply relaxed you will be given positive strategic suggestions to your subconscious mind.

Once the old messages are released, new programming is introduced through these positive suggestions. The subconscious mind will begin to immediately help you make those desired changes. The more the new thought patterns and behaviors are practiced, the more they are internalized by the brain.

The subconscious mind manages every automatic system in the human body including heartbeat, blood circulation, movement, digestion, elimination, breathing, all the automatic systems. The subconscious is also where changes occur through the power of suggestion. So the subconscious mind can help us alleviate habitual thought patterns and behaviors that no longer are relevant to your golf game.

The powerful suggestions to the subconscious mind in addition to the background music and binaural tones and beats embedded into our Golf Mental Strategies recordings sets us apart from others. Listening to the recordings daily over a period of time allows the subconscious mind to absorb the new positive messages into your brain and act upon the suggestions on the golf course.

"Wondering Where To Buy MP3 Recorded Self Hypnotism Scripts That Will Develop Your Consistent Golf Routine & Help Golfers Regain Their Focus, Concentration, Visualization & Confidence While Golfing? Play a BETTER GOLF game with Golf Mental Strategies." -- Howard J. Rosner

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