My golf game has been in decline for a few years now. On the range I looked great, but on the course I looked terrible. New equipment, golf instructions, and swing gadgets did nothing for me. I turned to Golf Mental Strategies last spring and it put me on a path to success. GMS helped me set up a routine and trigger to put me in the right frame of mind. More importantly it helped me subconsciously. This is a process and you don’t realize your subconscious is absorbing it, until all of a sudden it starts clicking. Recently I found myself playing in our usual friendly two-man match-up.

My partner and I consistently lose money to our friends, mainly because I played absolutely terrible. Not anymore! I am now playing relaxed, stress free and with more confidence. I have a routine and a trigger to keep me in the zone. Well needless to say we routed our opponents the last two match ups and my friends were telling me this is the best they have seen me play in 2 years. I look forward to taking their money more often😊 . My Handicap Rose to 11.8 and I highly recommend GMS for anyone looking to get an edge on their competition and take their golf game to the next level. “